#GetInvolved sessions are opportunities for young people to learn the basics of politics – from canvassing to campaigning with real hands-on experience and more.

Participants attend sessions led by influential political figures to gain greater knowledge on the internal workings of parties, politics and elections. Our #GetInvolved sessions are run on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year, with a focus on providing engaging and informative experiences.

During election periods, we work with the three main parties to create unique opportunities for young people to understand local campaigning; from phone banking, to door knocking to encouraging turnout on election day. Over 4,000 young people have engaged with the programme and have canvassed and campaigned on a grassroots level.

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Previous years

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From 18th April 2017 to 8th June 2018 Patchwork saw over 800 young people sign up to the programme over the 7 weeks. Patchwork’s online #GetInvolved campaign reached over 2.5 million people and led to over 2,000 people signing up to vote over a 4 week period. The #GetInvolved campaign was supported by Leaders of the Conservatives, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, and Plaid Cymru.


#GetInvolved sessions included canvassing with Rt Hon Justine Greening MP and Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP. The campaign was supported by Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon Theresa May MP.


#GetInvolved sessions included canvassing with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Dawn Butler MP and Kate Osamor MP. The campaign was supported by the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party, Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Liberal Democrats

#GetInvolved sessions with Rt Hon Vince Cable MP and Rt Hon Sir Ed Davey MP. The campaign was supported by the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP.


#GetInvolved included campaigning Caroline Lucas MP. The campaign was supported by the Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MP.


#GetInvolved included campaigning the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow MP: On Polling Day: Thursday 8th June 2017, over 100 young Patchworkers were active across the UK to get the vote out.

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