Meet the Patchworkers standing for election in 2024

As part of our #GetInvolved programme, we’re spotlighting the Patchworkers who are getting involved in politics so future generations of Patchworkers can learn and be inspired to #GetInvolved themselves. This is not an endorsement of these individual campaigns but demonstrates how the Patchwork journey can enable young people to get involved in politics.

Samia Hersi

2018 Masterclass graduate and 2021 Party Conference Programme delegate
Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Queen’s Park and Maida Vale 

“I am standing because I want to make a difference in my community because I care and want children and young people to have the same opportunities as I had. My time with Patchwork helped me understand more about how politics and Parliament work and encouraged me to actively get involved in my community, and eventually to stand for Parliament.

We need young people to engage with the political and democratic process because the decisions made have a huge impact on all of us, especially on housing. I believe if you want to see change you’ve got to be part of it.”

Elena Dirik

2023 Masterclass graduate and 2023 Labour Party summer intern
Labour Party councillor candidate, Bristol City Council ward of Clifton

“I am standing because I am committed to tackling the injustices many face and removing barriers that will enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives. I aim to empower young people, particularly from underrepresented groups, and help them realise the value of their voices and lived experiences in political spaces. Patchwork has been a vital source of empowerment, helping me build my knowledge and bolstering my confidence to advocate for what I believe is just and fair.

It is important for young people to get involved in politics as we play a crucial role in shaping the present and the future, and amplifying young and diverse perspectives is essential for creating effective and inclusive politics and policies.”

Joseph Fox-Bowen

2023 Masterclass graduate and 2022 Party Conference Programme delegate
Conservative Party candidate, Bristol City Council ward of Hartcliffe & Withywood

“I am standing because I want to dedicate the rest of my life to public service, getting a real kick and sense of purpose from helping improve other people’s lives, no matter how small the improvement. My time with Patchwork has given me a greater strength in my conviction, giving me the confidence to persuade both myself, the party and hopefully the residents that I am worthy of standing in this ward.

If there’s one piece of wisdom I would give to young people struggling to place themselves in a sometimes seemingly bleak future, it would be to do something selfless. Get involved in your local community and do something no matter how small, because helping others may even help yourself.”