Patchwork launched its political internship programmes to increase the diversity of the political workforce and create a self-sufficient pipeline of talent for the participating organisations. Now in its fourth year, our internship programmes have grown to engage young people from under-represented backgrounds through year long training schemes, summer placements and development opportunities, and creating a broader range of employment opportunities within political and democratic institutions.

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About our internship programmes: 

You will have the opportunity to experience working life in institutions at the heart of Westminster, understanding more about what a career in politics looks like. Through your time on the programme, you will spend time with a range of different departments and teams, including everything from political delivery to administrative support and more, to learn more about the variety of different roles and paths available at these organisations. The programme provides the opportunity to understand the day-to-day life of professionals who deliver political work across the UK.

From the programme, you will develop the necessary skills required to thrive in these professional environments, including research, communication, time management and more. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals at the top of their career, to understand how to begin and develop a career in politics.

“This internship has been nothing short of amazing. I got to do so many things that I could have never dreamed of. It has definitely widened the possibilities I had scoped for myself. I will look back on this experience fondly. It has opened so many doors for me and I am excited to see how I can use it for my career in the future.” 2023 Intern

Throughout the programme, Patchwork provides personal and pastoral support to ensure you can thrive in these new environments, encouraging you to develop your full potential over the course of your placement. We collaborate with the organisation to provide a tailored programme of rotations, including an in-depth induction day so you are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Over the course of the programme, Patchwork provides regular training and development sessions. This allows you to work and practice your soft skills, such as public speaking, critical thinking and networking, in a professional environment. We also provide one-to-one pastoral support throughout, ensuring you have someone to support you throughout your internship.

As a result, participants finish the programme with a host of new skills needed for pursuing a career in politics, as well as the confidence that they can succeed in these spaces and the opportunities to do so. With over 50 participants across our programmes, we now have former interns working in political parties, Parliament, the Civil Service, and more.

I never thought we would have the opportunity to meet as many people as we did and really get to know them on a personal level. Being in the office there are so many politicians walking in and out of the building and we all felt starstruck in their presence, yet this was a very normal occurrence.
 2022 Intern

Fridays with Patchwork were very useful to develop my own skills and apply myself properly to the internship. I’ve learnt how to write speeches, speak publicly, negotiate and lead, amongst other things. It’s been a useful forum to reflect on each week and it’s nice that all the interns can be together when sometimes we were separated in different departments.2022 Intern

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