We believe that being part of the solution is a more effective tool of engagement than being a part of the silent majority. The #GetInvolved Programme enables under-represented communities to engage with mainstream politics.

Participants have the opportunity to learn the basics of politics – from canvassing to campaigning with real hands-on experience. Participants attend sessions led by influential political figures to gain greater knowledge on the internal workings of parties, politics and elections. Individuals are given the opportunity to attend party conferences to extend their understanding of British politics. The programme enables participants not only to understand grassroots politics it also provides a safe environment for individuals to explore their own political views and future plans. Learn more about voting.


Enabled over 180 young people from across the UK to attend Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and SNP conferences since 2014

Over 4,000 young people engaged with the programme and have canvassed and campaigned on a grass roots level

We worked with the 2016 London mayoral candidates to increase participation and interest in voting among under-represented groups

80% of participants considered the conference programme actively reduced barriers for them to engage with politics and politicians

100% of those involved in the #GetInvolved programme found it to be a positive political experience and would recommend it to others

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