Support Us

Get involved and support us to help more young people. Due to the growing need to support young people with their engagement with civil society and democracy, we believe in using the experience and programmes Patchwork offers as a vehicle to produce amazing young leaders.

We want to strengthen democracy and wider society by improving the services on offer. Patchworks’ roots as a volunteer-led organisation have led to a strong group of supporters and helpers, which means that 100% of funds provided directly supports the development of young people, and helps remove barriers to access.

How you can help

Financial Support

Patchwork is only able to impact the lives of young people and the face of politics with your financial support. Whether it’s through sponsoring one of our programmes, or through a donation, your support will make a difference. We have a range of financial opportunities through which you can support our work and help young people from disadvantaged and minority communities.

Venue Space

Are you able to host a large event, Masterclass (boardroom style for 35 people), or small meetings? Patchwork is only able to do the work we do with kind gestures and support from those in our networks. If you think you could help us by hosting one of our events, or programme activities we would love to hear from you.

In kind Support

Do you have a skill that would be useful to Patchwork; such as graphic design, photography, videography or support with training, and would like to support the work we do? Get in touch to discuss how you can get involved.


At Patchwork, we want to be able to positively impact as many young people as possible, and help support their active participation in civil life. If you can introduce more people to Patchwork and the work we do that would be great. It could be a young person who could apply to one of our programmes, or a corporate who may be able to support the work we do – or anything in between!