A new era of democracy.

We promote, encourage and support the active participation of young people from disadvantaged and minority communities in British democracy and civil society.

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Campaigning for change: My Labour Party internship

Meet the Patchworkers in Politics!

Patchwork Internships: Labour Party Internship Now Open!

Running Towards, not Running Away: A Masterclass with Anas Sarwar MSP

A Strategy for Success: My Masterclass with Deborah Mattinson


Provided with the opportunity to directly engage with decision makers


Young people supported to engage with mainstream politics


Young people have campaigned with Patchwork Foundation


Young people graduated from our Masterclass Programme

What we do

Activities that provide young people with opportunities to develop their political knowledge and skills.

Get involved and support us to help more young people.

Due to the growing need to support young people with their engagement with civil society and democracy, we believe in using the experience and programmes Patchwork offers as a vehicle to produce amazing young leaders.