The Patchwork Foundation facilitates key politicians, including members of the Cabinet and the Shadow Cabinet, to meet and address members of disadvantaged and minority communities.

Patchwork events provide opportunities for communities, traditionally those who hold little access to decision makers, to convey their key ideas and concerns, and enable them to engage with politicians publicly in discussing these ideas. Through open dialogue and conversation, we help promote positive messages of working together for the benefit of the whole of society.


Over 30,000 people from under-represented communities have attended Patchwork events

Opening doors to venues which would not typically be available to many of those invited

Opportunity for those with no access to politics to directly question decision makers

Previous events

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Mahvesh Ibrar stood in centre of photo. Backdrop of an open doorway on the left of a vertical banner with the Patchwork logo.

Reflections from the 2023 MP of the Year Awards Ceremony

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