Have you always wondered what happens at Party Conference?

Applications for our #GetInvolved Party Conference Programme is now open! Find out more here.

We will be taking a small group of young people (aged 18-30) to one of the following Conferences:

  1. Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference, 17-20 September (Online)
  2. Labour Party Conference, 25-29 September (Provisionally in person, Brighton)
  3. Conservative Party, 3-6 October (Provisionally in person, Manchester)

Through our Party Conference programme, we provide delegates with a bespoke experience of Party Conference, including free tickets to the conference, Masterclass sessions with Senior Party officials, listening to and analysing the leader’s speech and special preparation with relevant information to provide the best experience possible, helping to make politics accessible to all.

Plans subject to guidance on Covid-19. More details to be confirmed over the Summer

Apply now here